Management audit plays a pivotal role in assisting the management to strengthen its processes through a comprehensive assessment of the organization. It is relevant irrespective of the size of operations. Our Management Audit services aim to provide comprehensive, objective, reliable and accurate assessments of company’s effectiveness, efficiency and internal controls and suggest improvements in the processes.

Our Management Audit services may include the following

  • A comprehensive understanding of the business operations of the client.

  • Undertaking risk assessments and developing risk-based assurance plans

  • Review of key processes, such as purchases, revenue, logistics, bank account operations, etc.

  • Review of the adequacy of procedures and policies adopted by the company.

  • Suggest on Cost saving measures

  • Report on accuracy and adequacy of MIS reports

  • Review of internal checks and controls

  • Ensure timely statutory compliances

  • Ensure adherence to management policies and directives in order to achieve efficiently and economically the organization 's objectives

  • Review and Assessment of Corporate Governance.

  • Safeguard assets.

  • Secure the relevance, reliability and integrity of information, so ensuring as far as possible the completeness and accuracy of records.

  • Discussion with concerned audited to confirm our observations.

  • Consolidation of observation based on specific review and general observations related to efficiency of operations and adequacy of systems (both IT and others).

  • Issuance of report for discussions and determinations of actions to be initiated.

  • Review of implementation of our recommendation.

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