Fixed Assets Audit

With the help of our in-house developed Asset Tracking software, “Assetrak”, we provide asset audit and tracking services to many of our corporate clients. Assetrak automates a range of asset audit function including data collection, barcode tagging and scanning all types of assets. Combining innovative scanning and asset tagging technologies with an experienced audit team transforms the data collection process, reducing time, efforts and money.

Most of the Businesses today have conventional methods for asset audit and asset tracking. This includes using Manual data collection, Spreadsheets for reconciliation, Follow up for discrepancies writing emails manually and making changes in the ERP/Accounting package based on the findings of physical verification. This method is neither seamless not accurate and is very time consuming.

Of course, most of these organizations have been looking to embrace robust asset tracking solution. Assetrak is that solution.

Why Asset Verification?

Why Asset Barcoding?

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