Expat Taxation

As the expatriate population in India has increased in the recent past, there have been changes in various legislations, which has resulted in increased responsibilities and additional compliance requirements. In India, Taxation varies based on the residential status of the individual during the financial year. Individuals can either be Resident, Not ordinarily resident or nonresident.

Residents are taxed on worldwide income. Non residents and non ordinarily residents are taxed only on income received, accrued or deemed to accrue or be received in India. Consequently, their income accruing outside India or received outside India is not taxable in India, unless the same is received in India. Salary for services rendered in India is deemed to accrue in India and hence, taxable in India for all individuals, irrespective of the place of payment.

Our services for expatriates include Income Tax registration (PAN), determining the residential status, calculation of advance tax liability, Filing Income tax return, Income tax compliances, repatriation documentation, Tax relief calculation as per tax treaty and Tax planning advice.

We also have experience in preparing US tax returns and our US expat clients can avail our services to file their US tax returns. Knowing the tax rules of both the countries, we can assist them with better tax advice.

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